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Phillip Spears

Architectural Photographer


24117 Plantation Dr.

Atlanta GA 30324

Tel: 678 481 8842

Educated as a photographer in the Architecture School at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Phillip's photography has always had its roots in the building industry.   After honing his skills making images of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and the many other outstanding architectural landmarks in Chicago, Phillip returned home to Atlanta to begin his commercial career in 1983.  


Since then he has photographed projects ranging from individual residences, large research facilities, hospitals, commercial office buildings, government offices, retail sites and museums all over the world.  He has come to genuinely love finding the best light and perspective to make his images.  " I get to enjoy these buildings exactly like the designer intended, and even occasionally get to show them something new about their own design. "said Phillip in a recent interview.    


He genuinely enjoys making these photographs and he loves surprising his clients with the results.  Hopefully he can do so for you.         

9/11 Memorial NYC

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